Quality and comfort

  • Each wheel in the collection features a padded leather rim for quality comfort
  • Classically inspired design
  • High quality Stainless Steel for lifelong integrity
  • A reassuring, durable weight that feels good
  • Designed and manufactured by a team that has been innovating in the Classic Car market for 40 years
  • We are the Savile Row of the Steering Wheel world!

British made

  • Each Superspoke is handmade in the Midlands, UK, using materials sourced within the UK.

Wheel for life

  • A Superspoke wheel is a wheel for life - if you change your vehicle, you can take your Superspoke with you!
  • You can use your Superspoke in any of your fleet of vehicles
  • Any Superspoke wheel can be delivered as a complete wheel, ready to fit

Customer service

  • We pride ourselves on our consultative approach and our customer satisfaction - it drives what we do!
  • Our 40 years experience dealing with car innovation has taught us that listening to our customers is absolutely key and we thrive from knowing that we have produced a top quality design solution for our customers
  • Contact us now if you have any questions or want to order.

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