Press Release for Quick Release

Superspoke Steering wheel Quick Release System To Combat Rocketing Car Theft Statistics – No Wheel, No Steal.


UK based manufacturer Superspoke Steering Wheels Ltd are fighting back at rising car crime statistics with their brilliant steering wheel quick release system, currently exclusively available for Jaguar E-type Series 1 & 2. This system allows you to transform your standard steering wheel into a quick release in minutes, preventing theft giving the facility to fit a spinning lock and making it easier to enter and exit and to change-up steering wheels.

The number of car theft crimes rocketed by nearly 9% in 2018, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Statistics like this show the growing need for even more awareness around how you can protect your car to make it harder to steal. Experts advise to always keep your keys close, never keep valuables in the vehicle, park in well-lit areas and then comes in the quick release system, remove and take the wheel with you.

' No wheel, no steal.'

Founder Steve Simmonds has been designing and manufacturing modifications to sports cars for 25 years to make them more user friendly. The initial inspiration for creating the Quick Release came from years of experience and countless conversations with customers and fellow classic car owners, around making vehicles safer without sacrificing the look of a classic car. A huge advantage of the Quick Release is that the design allows you to keep your original wheel and working centre horn push with no modifications needed.

Not only does this invention help to prevent criminals from stealing your car, but it also makes it’s easier for you to modify the look. Before this invention what would you usually do if you wanted or needed to change the steering wheel? Superspoke has answered your wishes and created a system that transforms your wheel into something easily interchangeable. Giving you the ability to enjoy a selection of steering wheels in various diameters 16”/15” and a selection of 14”, black padded leather, solid mahogany or suede race wheel for track days…the choice is yours. Plus if you wanted to change back to standard setup maybe for a show or concourse event you can easily do so in 10 minutes.

The founder of Superstoke, Steve Simmonds, says;

“As a classic car owner of many years it's always been a concern of mine that am I doing enough to prevent them being stolen. Plus with my advancing years and old injuries now catching up with me getting in and out squeezing under the wheel with a dodgy hip is getting painful spoiling the experience.”

Depending on the success of this exercise as it's an expensive part to develop, we will be expanding the range of QR's and wheels.

The Jaguar E-Type Quick Release System is ready to order and the cost of the unit is from £372 plus delivery. An optional spin lock is available at £138.00. If you’re interested to explore further visit