Jaguar E-type Quick Release

We are thrilled to announce our latest product - our new design Jaguar E-type Quick Release. With this product, you can now convert your standard Jaguar E-Type steering wheel to quick release in minutes.

Using the new design Superspoke Quick Release System (£372 + delivery) you can retain your original steering wheel and working centre horn push, with no modifications needed. Once fitted, you have the facility to quickly remove the wheel, making car entry and exit easier and making your car much more difficult to steal. 

This is a very versatile conversion that you can do yourself. Allowing for multi-wheel fitment, whether it’s original factory wood, 15” leather for touring, or a 14” Alcantara for track days - all of which us at Superspoke can supply. For fitment you simply remove the original wheel and boss, separate them and replace the boss with the Superspoke QR boss. You can do this easily using the original retaining nut and wheel fixings.

These are ready to order now! The cost of the unit is £372 plus delivery. If you’re interested in our E-type Jaguar Quick Release system - please fill in the order enquiry form below and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

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