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Superspoke Quick Release Products for Morgans - Q&A

Q. Why would I need a quick release wheel?

A. With a Superspoke Quick Release, it’s much easier to enter and exit your Morgan, especially when the hood is erected. View below pictures to see how much more room is available with the wheel removed.

It is also a great anti-theft mechanism, as you can remove your wheel and take it with you! No wheel, no steal. If you have got more than one steering wheel for your Morgan (i.e. suede race wheel for track days, padded leather touring wheel, or traditional leather or wood-rim summer wheels etc) our quick release mechanism facilitates quick change of your steering wheels! Once the base part of the quick release mechanism is fitted to your steering column, then it is possible to buy additional wheel parts separately. These then can be fitted to your extra wheels, therefore you can swap wheels in a heartbeat.

We are also developing wall brackets to mount your spare steering wheels wherever you like, please contact us for more info.

Q. Can I purchase a Superspoke Quick Release Mechanism without having to purchase a new Wheel?

A . Yes you can. We would have to know what model & year of your Morgan you have and what steering wheel you currently have on your car. If possible if you can send photos to us that show your wheel & boss, as this is always helpful!

Q. You currently supply three types of Quick Releases for morgans, how do I know which one I would require?

A. We have Quick Release mechanisms for traditional Morgans made since October 1997 - this has a 15mm diameter 29 Spline. These are referred to as 'Long Door' Quick Releases.

There are 2 types of Long Door QR's, these can be easily identified. The Long Door Morgan is fitted with an adjustable tilt column - the adjustment lever which is found on the lower left hand side of the column. This lever will be either a black shaped lever (as seen on picture below left) - we refer to this as a Large Base Quick Release. Or, alternatively the lever is a silver round lever (as seen on picture below right) - we refer to this as a Small Base Quick Release.

Black shaped lever = Large Base Quick Release

Silver round lever = Small Base Quick Release


The Superspoke Long Door Quick Releases have a centre horn pick up which is part of the QR Mechanism, so even though the wheel is detachable the horn push will still work. The mechanism comes complete with all parts needed to make the horn work, it also comes with a replacement steering wheel nut.
We also have a Quick Release mechanism for traditional Morgans built from 1971 through to October 1997 - this has a 17.5mm diameter 36 Spline. This is referred to as our 'Short Door' Quick Release. Due to customer requirements, we are looking to develop quick releases for Morgans built before 1971, please contact for us for more info.

Q. Will I be able to fit this easily myself & how long will it take?

A. Yes, you can fit this with ease yourself. The process should only take approx 10 mins, watch fitting video links below (below left is for Short Door Quick Release fitment, below right is for Long Door Quick Release fitment)

Short Door Quick Release fitment video

Long Door Quick Release fitment video

Everything you require will be included in the package, apart from the tools needed. With Long Door QR mechanisms, the black plastic centre horn pickup and the replacement steering wheel nut are also supplied. This is a specialist aircraft style nut to fit down inside the column, to make way for the horn feed wire.

The only specialist tool that you may need is a 4" Gear Puller to remove your original wheel. Care must be taken when removing the wheel as not to cause any damage to the steering column. Other than the gear puller the correct size socket will be needed to undo the retaining nut - it is a good idea to leave the nut on a few threads whilst removing the original wheel so it does not come off suddenly and hit you in the face, we are talking from experience!

When fitting the mechanism to Long Door cars with the centre horn push you will need a small Phillips screwdriver as there are 2 small M3 countersunk screws which hold the plastic Horn pick up in place. these only have to be fitted once when fitting the male part of the assembly to the steering column.

Q. Once fitted does it alter the position of the wheel any closer to the driver?

A. No it does not, the wheel remains in the same position with the quick release fitted. It does not move the wheel any closer to your chest.

Q. Will my horn push still work?

A. Yes, all Long Door quick releases for Morgan include electrical pickup to enable the horn push to work.

Q. What is the price?

A. Long Door Quick Release is £425.00 plus delivery. Short Door Quick Release is £261.60 plus delivery. We deliver Worldwide.

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Have any additional questions?

Please feel free to contact us.


Since 1995 'Simmonds' have been hard at work designing and developing a range of 'Easy Fit' products to fit the 'Morgan' Sports car range, i.e 'Simmonds Easy Fit Hoods, Tonneaus, Hood Envelopes, Windwings, Rod Mirrors, Mesh Radiator Grilles, Double Buckle Bonnet Straps, Luggage Straps with high level brake light assembly and many more. Now after another 2 years of further development, we are proud to announce our unique range of Superspoke steering wheels & easy-fit Quick Release mechanisms.