Date published 23.1.16



After 2 years of development, we are now very happy to introduce into the Jaguar E-type world our exciting new Jaguar E-type Quick Release Boss Mechanism.


This mechanism is set to revolutionize your Jaguar life! You can fit this mechanism to your car in under 10 minutes following our easy steps. Once fitted, you can take off and put on your steering wheel with extreme ease. This opens up an array of benefits…


Due to the compact cockpit area of the E-type coupled with a large diameter of steering wheel, entry and exit is restricted. Now, thanks to the immediate nature of our quick release mechanism this is no longer a problem. You can simply take the wheel off, making the available space for entry and exit much bigger.


To put it simply.. no wheel, no steal.


As there is no cutting or welding required when fitting your quick release wheel, if you choose to do so you can revert back to the standard wheel within minutes.


Once you've removed your wheel from your Jag, you can accessorise your wall with it with a simple mounting bracket. Perfect for showing off and saving it from danger!


This wheel and quick release mechanism will fit all E-type Jaguar cars. The fitting is a straight-forward process that will only take under 10 minutes with a selection of easily available tools. Watch the video to see how swift the fitment is...

Steps for installation

  1. Remove original Jaguar wheel

  2. Checking & preparing the steering column ready to accept the ‘Amber’ mechanism. Checking original Jaguar fitted tapered collets are in place.

  3. Fitment of wheel and ‘Amber’ column assembly - fitted using one original Jaguar nut.

  4. Activating the quick release mechanism to remove the wheel. Fit the original horn push to the wheel by tightening the three allen grub screws.

TOOLS required

  • Short pozidrive screwdriver
  • 1-inch socket with extension bar and ratchet
  • 2.5mm allen key

My parcel arrived, and installed easily as advertised-I love it! My 45 year career was as a mechanical engineer - this is truly a remarkable design.

The design has to be reliable for obvious reasons, robust, practical to manufacture so people can afford it, easy to install, and respectful to the existing design of the vehicle. I just marvel at it.
— Michael Moore - USA
Shipment arrived! Beautiful piece of machinery!
— Lajos Magyari - Budapest
As part of a complete renovation and upgrade of a 4.2 series 1 FHC E Type Jaguar I decided to source a quick release steering wheel.

Obviously it is extremely difficult to steel a car which does not have a steering wheel so a system whereby the steering wheel can be removed gives peace of mind when the car is left unattended. Not only that it makes the purchase of car insurance substantially easier.

After a fair amount of investigation I was told that Superspoke were in the final stages of developing such a system. I was fortunate in that I was able to purchase one of their kits which involved me sending my original wheel to have the quick release system fitted to it.

The engineering is of the highest quality and it has proved fail safe over the constant use it has had over the past six months.

I would not hesitate to recommend the system, indeed I plan to fit it to all my future renovations.
— Roddy Tulloch, Managing Director, The Car And Van Rental Co Ltd.


Superspoke quick release mechanism only (to be fitted to your own wheel)

Price £310.00 + delivery*

If you require any further information please do call or email.

*UK - 24hr delivery is £15.00. For delivery prices elsewhere please enquire.


Due to high demand we are currently not accepting new orders, if you have an existing order you will be contacted via email regarding the status of your order.


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