Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use my original boss?

Once we have identified your vehicle exactly (date, year and chassis number) we can tell you what precise boss application you will have on your car. If we it deem that you can't use your original boss, we can advise and supply the boss that you need.


Will my horn still work?

Yes. This is an integral part of the boss application that will identify and supply you with. Together with indicator cancelling facility.


My car steering wheel has an air-bag? Can I fit a Superspoke steering wheel?

We have successfully removed air-bag steering wheels and fitted one of our vast range of wheels (none of which have an air-bag facility), however we would always advise checking with your car insurers before removing your air-bag enabled steering wheel.


Will I damage my original wheel when removing it to replace a Superspoke?

This is dependable on how you remove it. We strongly suggest that you get help from your local mechanic or service agent as they will have the correct equipment. Alternatively, Superspoke can provide a removal service for you.


Can you match my leather interior?

Yes. We will require a colour swatch or leather colour code (this can be found as part of the car's history), we pride ourselves on our colour matching, and we will send back our best colour match for your approval before trimming commences. 


I'm having my car re-trimmed, can you use the same leather to cover my wheel?

Yes. All we need is a piece of leather 48" x 8", cut-out of a good section of the hide of leather with no faults, scars or stretch-marks. The leather has to be stretched onto the wheel, so any tiny fault will be exaggerated. We will check the piece on receipt and let you know asap if we are able to use what you have provided.


I live outside the UK - will you deliver to me?

Yes, we delivery all over the world. Please call us or contact us for delivery costs


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