Simmonds Easy-fit-hood conversions - the original and best since 1997

Using bespoke stainless steel frame work and best quality mohair giving excellent weatherproof service all year round. We often get congratulated for getting the heater working!!


Demonstration of our Easy-fit hood conversion for 2 seater Morgan's

Our conversion includes new chrome on brass smooth windscreen frame which accepts our stainless steel header rail with integral rubber seal to give perfect weather protection plus easy fit/clamp hood to windscreen. The rear ‘tensioning and sealing’ rail is also top quality stainless steel tubing bespoke made to your Morgan this also has a sealing rubber fitted.

Our conversion price (£3,500) includes the re-covering of the side screens in matching mohair. Plus a pair of mohair velcro straps to wrap around the folded down hood to hold it neatly together when raising to gain access to the luggage area.

We also offer you options of a three zip tonneau again in mohair and a zip up mohair hood envelope, which not only protects the folded down hood but gives a lid to the luggage area which can be locked down using the hood clamps to secure the luggage area. This envelope can also store the tonneau at the same time as the hood so all your weather equipment is easily accessible. The hood envelope can be made and piped in leather to complement your interior.

Bookings now being taken for jan/feb 2020. Models currently covered are all 2 seater morgan’s made between 1986 to 2001. We have in the past successfully converted 2002 to 2015 models and all 4 seater models we may offer these later in 2020 depending on interest.

We currently have a short video you can view above which we filmed on a plus 8 which we converted in 2000 which lives outside most of the year.

If you’re interested in an Easy-fit hood conversion, please get in touch using the form below.

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