Here's just a small sampling of projects that the Superspoke design team have underway

Check back here to view the latest projects in research and development 


New E-Type Jaguar Wheel

Due to customer demand, we are developing a new stainless steel frame, wood-rimmed Jaguar E-Type Wheel. Made to look like the original design only made from 5mm thick stainless steel, mirror polished with the wood rim fitted as per original and original horn push fittings. Plus our brilliant quick release system.



The Enzo Quick Release wheel

We can't resist developing steering wheels for our favourite marque.  We are currently playing with a design which encompasses the passion that goes into building this piece of automative art (can you tell we love Ferarri's yet?) It's a design that recognises historic racing Ferrari's but with the on-wheel car controls.



11 Inch wood rimmed

We were approached by Caterham Cars to research and develop a 11inch wood rimmed, aluminium steering wheel, with quick release. Their key need was to ensure that it was 'classic-looking' - we delivered on this and this wheel is now for general sale. Please call us for details.